Environment and energy

ES-Plastic produces packaging to the best of environment-friendly standards. A prime example is the ribbed tray developed by ES-Plastic. The reduced use of raw materials saves resources, and demonstrates the commitment of ES-Plastic to conserving the environment.

Fewer raw materials, energy and weight = better environment. ECO PRO from ES-Plastic stands for packaging that saves the environment and spares resources. ES-Plastic avoids waste by treating raw materials carefully, minimizing their use, and feeding them back into the production cycle as often as possible.

For years already, ES-Plastic has used the heat exhausted by compression plant to heat production shops. Since the end of 2008 a photovoltaic installation has been generating some 30,000 kWh annually. That means about 30 tons less CO2 every year.
The set aim is to make a major contribution to global conservation of resources, climate and the environment by minimizing annual consumption of energy and raw materials.

For this reason ES-Plastic has been ISO 50001 certified since June 2013.