Milestones of corporate history 


1966 Incorporation of ES-Plastik as "manufacturer of machine parts"
by Erwin Schmidt

1967 Introduction of plastic production: ice-cream packaging, decorative elements, PVC fruit juice cups, cheese packaging

1983 Introduction of PS (polystyrene) film extrusion


1984 Introduction of PP (polypropylene) film extrusion
PVC replaced by high-transparency PP
Introduction of CNC programming to create high-grade machine tools
Introduction of latest deep-drawing and K-series machines
Introduction of new generation of printing machines and UV drying on mandrel


1986 Introduction of CAM programming and simulation of milling process on central programming station in tool production


1988 Introduction of DND (direct retrieval of processing programs)
Introduction of CAD (computer-aided design)


1989 Expansion of inline process for PP deep-drawing


1990 Introduction of fully electronic SPC (statistical process control)


1999 Startup production of MAP trays


2001 Acquisition by Plasticos Packaging Group


2003 Introduction of MAP ribbed tray


2005 Acquisition and expansion of Passau Logistics Center


2006 ES-Plastic celebrates 40th anniversary


2012 Change of name to ES-Plastic GmbH