For 50 years now we have been a dependable and capable partner for our customers.
Nutripack has become a major player on the market – as a producer of intelligent and innovative packaging systems. We work with the latest technology to produce tubs, trays, lids, sorting inlays and films that meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetic appeal.

Market-oriented innovation, optimum functionality and thorough customer service are the basics of our successful product development, benefiting both customers and consumers.

A decision to purchase is made at the point of sale. A consumer chooses their preferred product. Attractive and practical packaging very much influences what they decide to buy. We support our customers to achieve a first-class rating on the market, to stand out from competition. That includes intensive consulting in the forefield right through to delivery.

Design, practicality, quality and safety – all are major priorities. Combining the highest hygienic standards and sustainable environmental compatibility, our longterm success shows in that of our customers.

An uppermost objective is to present customers with optimal solutions, to continue developing the products we offer them, to support them from front to end.