Pots and lids


Sophisticated solutions turn products into an eye-catcher on the shelf. The way to offer the consumer an optically appealing package, convenient and ready for the table. Removal is straightforward, and resealing with the storage lid protects the product after opening. Appetizing presentation of sausage, spreads, cheese, antipasti and many other foodstuffs. All trays and lids come transparent, white or colored. Optional printing of lids, pots and pots bottoms.


ES-Plastic was one of the first producers able to manufacture PP lids by deep-drawing. Advanced technologies now also enable deep-drawing of preprinted film. Complex prints can thus be applied to a film before further processing – a new dimension in design.

ES-Plastic now offers a broad range of lids for MAP trays and tubs.

  • Fresh-food box for over-the-counter sales
  • Printed lid ideal for advertising
  • Resealable package for consumer
  • Tray with lid for further use as fresh-food box
  • Lid with air openings specially for fruit and vegetables